W10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Start Menu Gets A New Look go to the website.w10start

Windows 10 users that have installed the recent update dubbed Anniversary Update will have noticed some changes in their start menus.

The “All Apps” option is gone now you will see a full list of installed apps on the left side of the start menu. The most frequently used and recently added apps go to the top of the list and it now shows a tile for the most recently installed programs.

The best part about the new Start Menu layout is the important buttons for File Explorer, Shut Down and Settings are now always displayed at the left side of the Start Menu – it’s slowly growing on me eventually I probably will prefer it to the good old fashioned XP Start Menu.

The Task Bar has also been improved with the Clock and Calendar getting integrated so you can click the time to see a list of scheduled events and easily add new appointments and events to your Calendar.

Full details about these and many of the other features, changes and anything new in this update can be found in this in depth article from How-To Geek.

What’s New in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update