Upgrade to SSD – New HP PC’s £475 with Intel i5 3Ghz and 8 GB Ram

HP 290 G4 Offers Affordable Reliability

This is a nice entry level HP unit still shipping with Windows 10 and includes a 256GB Solid State (SSD) Hard Drive and 8 GB of Memory, see the brief specification below. Prices and availability may change quickly so you must be fast if you want one.

These come with HDMI and VGA Monitor connections so will work with your old screens and can be upgraded from Windows 10 to Win11 when ready for free.

HP 290 G4
Micro Tower
Core i5 10500 / 3.1 GHz
SSD 256 GB
UHD Graphics 630
Win 10 Pro 64-bit
USB Keyboard + Mouse
Mains Lead

Price – £475 + VAT