Upgrade to Solid State Drives (SSD)

Get new PC’s with SSD or upgrade and get them fitted to your old machines.

Solid State Drives can dramatically improve the performance of your new PC or exsisting older PC’s with higher speeds, better reliability, faster booting and much quicker applications.

We can install Kingston Savage SSD’s and significantly reduce your waiting time cutting valuable wasted time giving you more time to work or play.

Unlike a normal hard drive SSD’s have no moving parts so they are shock-proof which maintains system stability and extends the life of your desktop or laptop.

How much faster are they?

This is a difficult question to answer as there are many factors involved including drivers os cpu memory etc but the short answer is much much faster.

SSD drives are not affected by the physical limitations of normal hard drives, normal drives contain round platters like a CD and data held at the centre of the disk is accessed at a slower speed than data stored on the edge versus SSDs that provide the benefit of the same access time across the entire drive. Normal hard drive performance also suffers from data fragmentation, whereas SSD’s performance is not really effected even if the data is not stored contiguously.