About LDS Technology IT Support

With over 30 years Technical Support experience we are well equipped to provide the high quality remote and on-site IT Support that is required by our customers so they can maintain the smooth running of their businesses.  With a wide range of problems that can happen to companies on a day-to-day basis we can provide the right service and solutions for your business in the most cost effective way.

With our highly approachable Technical Support team we can become your own personal IT department that can deploy quick and effective solutions to resolve any issues with your Servers, PC’s and Network.

With us also providing a consultancy service we are can advise you on future projects that you may be looking into. Whether this is a hardware or network upgrade or if you are looking to implement wide spread changes to how your IT system runs. LDS can enhance how the business operates on a daily basis we can advise on these projects from start to finish to make sure nothing is missed and the whole project is future proof.


Contacting Support
Phone: 01202 880330
E-mail: support@lds.co.uk

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