Most data recovery can be done without the need for expensive software, we use a variety of methods to recover important data. With access to the industries leading hard disk tools and data recovery software we can recover data from corrupt or damaged hard drives.

In some extreme cases with badly damaged hard drives data recovery is only possible with access to the drives disks. Advanced dust proof rooms are needed for this kind of recovery so we can manage this process for you using the industries leading specialists.

Hard drive failure can be caused by physical damage due to mechanical failure, electrical faults or data corruption.

Some of the common symptoms of possible hard drive failure include:

  • A clicking sound
  • The computer won’t start
  • The screen freezing
  • Hard drive missing in the BIOS
  • Drive does not spin up and remains cold
  • Blue screen on boot up
  • The computer stuck in a reboot loop

If you have any of the above symptoms don’t worry the chances are most if not all of your data can be recovered.
Please contact support@lds.co.uk or call us on 01202 880330.

If your drive is damaged and faulty or has been dropped please click the link below to use our partner recovery experts at Ontrack.