We offer a comprehensive range of Internet connections that are designed to suit the needs of Home users through to Local Businesses and Large Corporations.


The ADSL MAX connection will give you an up to 8Mb download speed through your copper phone line and is normally only available if adsl 2+ is not possible.


This will give customers ADSL speeds of up to 24Mb by more than doubling the capacity of the ADSL Max broadband. This means that files can be downloaded more quickly and you will be able to stream better quality TV like BBC’s I Player, along with Movies, Games and Music.

LLU Connections

Known as Local Loop Unbundling these connections can give you speeds of up to 24Mb.

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

Using the latest technology available we can provide all our UK customers with the fastest speeds available possible for either their home or business connections. For our business customers FTTC is ideal for a VoIP phone system for reducing call costs.

Hardware can be provided for all our FTTC connections whether that be a standard Router or a managed Router. We can either pre-configure the equipment and ship it out to you or one of Engineers can come out on-site and install it for you.

Lease Lines

Our range of leased line services is ideal for businesses that need instant, mission critical, high-quality internet service. You can choose the type of bandwidth you need – 2 Mbps through to 200 Mbps and we will do the rest.

We can also supply the hardware you may require such as the Routers, Firewalls etc.

Unlike most other types of Internet connection, our Leased Lines give you the same amount of bandwidth for uploading and downloading.

PSTN Phone Lines

In addition to the Broadband connections that we supply we also to phone lines to all our customers. This makes it more convenient for the customer and ourselves if there are ever any problems as there is one point of call and any issues can be resolved quicker.

Contact support@lds.co.uk or call us on 01202 880330 to see if your local telephone exchange is already set up for the above services.

*Please note that Internet speeds can be affected by the distance you are from the telephone exchange*