Changes to FTP Settings

Updating your website via FTP

Our web site hosting platform is upgrading its FTP servers as part of their commitment to enhance security and improve services. You’ll understand that hardware and software need to be upgraded periodically to continue to provide the best services. To ensure a seamless transition, we’ll be ending support for active FTP connections – this change will take effect no earlier than 25-Mar-24. We recommend that you start using our new FTP servers as soon as possible by connecting to

We ask that you switch to using passive FTP connections, which offer several benefits, including:

· Enhanced security: Passive FTP minimizes exposure to potential security threats by allowing data connections to be initiated by your FTP client, enhancing overall security for your file transfers.

· Improved compatibility: Passive FTP is more compatible with various network configurations, making it easier to establish connections, especially if you’re behind a firewall or NAT device.

· Reliability: Passive FTP often provides a more stable and reliable connection, reducing the likelihood of disruptions during file transfers.

We understand that changes like these can sometimes be inconvenient and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

If you need assistance or have any questions about changing over to passive FTP please don’t hesitate to contact our support team –