Add a New Exchange Email Account

How to Add a New Exchange Email Account to Outlook In Microsoft Outlook click on File, top left on the menu bar. This should give you the Account Information page showing your current email account. Just under this will be … Read More

Enable Modern Authentication For Office 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2013 continually requesting Exchange / 365 password. If you are experiencing an issue where your desktop Microsoft Outlook pops up the login box requesting the exchange email account password, even though it has previously been working correctly and … Read More

Windows Networking Help Guide

Need help configuring Windows Networking? Use this how to help guide to assist with setting up your Internet connection on Windows 10. The guide is in pdf format click here to open it. The guide is intended for our broadband … Read More

Windows 11 PC Health Check Tool

Download the PC Health Check Tool Microsoft have made their health check tool available again so PC users can find out if the computers they use will be compatible with Windows 11. Windows 11 will hopefully be more reliable and … Read More

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