Add a New Exchange Email Account

How to Add a New Exchange Email Account to Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook click on File, top left on the menu bar.
This should give you the Account Information page showing your current email account.
Just under this will be a small box – + Add Account, click this.
It should start to search for accounts but will eventually come back to a box where you can put in the new email address:-

example –

then click on “Connect” , this will go and search for your new email and come back with a box asking what type of email your adding i.e. Microsoft 365 ,, POP etc You need to select Exchange.

It will continue to search and may take some minutes, this is normal.

Eventually you may get a box pop up asking you to allow this website to configure the new email, click Allow
You will then get another box pop up asking for the password.

NOTE – at this stage , check the box to ensure it is connecting to, if it references one of your other email addresses, click the link in the box that says “More choices” then select “Use a different account”
Then, in the Username box, type and in the password box , type in your password
tick the box that says “Remember my credentials” then click OK, then Done.

Close and re open Outlook (again, this may take a while to open). Once open, your new email will show in the list on the left, under your existing /current emails.