$5B EU fine for Google

The European Commission fine Google Billions.

The EU proves yet again what an utterly pointless draconian enemy of humanity it is by hitting Google with a $5billion fine for giving us free software for our phones.

These idiots at the EU really are clueless they think Google should be pushing its competitors search tools instead of their own.

The Car Analogy

Let me give you a car analogy just in case you’re having a struggle in understanding just how dumb this really is.

It’s like fining Audi dealerships billions of pounds for preferring to sell their own cars instead of Skodas or Nissans.

Its no laughing matter.

If they keep on down this road they will end up saddling the millions of Android users in the EU with a monthly fee to pay or worse still face having to switch to IOS.

The European Commission said Google has used Android to illegally “cement its dominant position” in search.

Maybe they are all just bitter Bing fan boys or something?!